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Guest House In Rudraprayag, Chopta Uttarakhand

Bobby Guest House provides affordable yet luxurious accommodation to all travelers who have taken out some time from their hectic schedules to enjoy the beauty of nature. We have fully furnished 6 Deluxe and 2 Semi Deluxe rooms, which you can select as per your requirement and budget. We try our best to provide personalized and dedicated service to our guests. We have no booking restrictions; you can do an individual check-in, group check-in with friends, or even with a big family.



We understand that everyone has different tastes and our gourmet kitchen is well equipped to suit the different palate of our guests. Bobby Guest House is one of the best Guest House In Chopta Uttarakhand that can provide you with the cuisines as per your taste.

Conference Hall

We know that spending quality time with the family is much needed on the trip. Therefore, we have a hall known as conference hall where you can have conversations, attend urgent meetings, etc without any disturbance.

Why Choose Guest House In Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, Chopta Over Hotels?

When you plan your trip, you may search for pocket-friendly stay options to save some money. And so now here the Guest House comes into the picture. Here are some reasons why you should choose a Bobby Guest house in Ukimath, Chopta compared to other stay options.

  • Guest House Provides Privacy:

Guest houses are like private villas, where only you or your family can stay once you have booked it. However, you will also get access to the whole house, including the kitchen and bathroom. So if you prefer privacy and peace of mind, you should definitely opt for staying in a guest house.

  • Guest House Rates Are Budget Friendly

Guest House rates are cheap as compared to the hotels. The rooms in the guest house are as spacious as the hotel rooms, and you can even feel comfortable there. Its just that guest houses don’t do branding and are not as popular as hotels. So if you want to save money on your Uttarakhand trip, you must definitely book your stay in our Bobby Guest House In Chopta Uttarakhand.

  • Guest House creates a social atmosphere.

The guest house contains bedrooms and a common area where you and your family can come together and spend some quality time after a tiring day exploring different tourist spots. You won’t experience this atmosphere in the hotel as all will be in their separate rooms. Hence, if you want to experience such a home-like atmosphere on your trip, then do call us to book our Uttarakhand Guest House.

  • Guest House provides more safety.

As the guest house is private, you don’t have to worry about your baggage or other belongings as the host of the house guards your house when you are not around. You can even lock the doors with your own lock for extra security. Whereas in hotels, all the rooms can be opened with the master key/card and sometimes you might even be worried about your personal belongings. Hence in our Chopta guest house, you can feel safer as your safety is our responsibility.

Does the guest house have any age restrictions for booking?

Yes, in India we have age restrictions for booking a guest house. For making a booking, the person should be at least 18 years old. He will be the primary guest, and the rest of the members along with him will be the secondary guests. These secondary guests can be of any age; there is no age limit.

What services are offered by Bobby Guest House?

  • 24 hours hot and cold water

We provide hot and cold water to all our guests whenever they want. However, we understand that the climate changes every season, and everyone has different bathing water requirements. Hence to protect the health of our guests, we have made this 24 hours hot & cold water service available in our Guest House In Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, Chopta.      

  • Free Wi-Fi

The Internet has taken charge of us, and we all need it daily. We understand all our guests need internet connectivity to spend some time on social media to upload photos & videos of their trip. Therefore we provide free Wi-Fi service to all our guests of our Chopta Guest House.

  • Meals:

Taking meals on time is very important to keep ourselves fit. And therefore, we provide a home-like feeling to all our guests during their stay with us in our Bobby Guest House in Ukimath, Chopta. We provide healthy meals so they can eat healthy food on their trip and be energetic for various activities.

  • Same-day laundry service

We understand that sometimes, due to trekking or other activities, the clothes get stains that need to be washed. Therefore, we Bobby Guest House in Ukimath, Chopta provide laundry service to all our guests as per their request.

  • Cleaning and hygiene management

We maintain cleanliness in our guest houses. We clean the bathrooms and the entire guest house regularly. We also keep the surrounding area of our guest house in Chopta Uttarakhand clean to maintain hygiene and to make it look appealing to the guests.

  • Well furnished rooms

Our rooms are well furnished with all the essential furniture required in our day-to-day living. Also, the rooms in our Bobby Guest House in Ukimath, Chopta are spacious to have good ventilation in the entire room. Therefore, you won’t feel suffocated in the rooms and will only breathe fresh air.

  • Itinerary planning service

As per the guest’s request, we help them plan the itinerary. We try to make a plan so they can use their entire day and enjoy every moment on the trip.

  • Taxi on rent

At Bobby Guest House in Ukimath, Chopta, we help our guests by arranging a taxi for them so that they can explore different places on their trip. In addition, arranging a taxi helps to save time in searching for transport after exploring each location.

  • Arrange doctor if required

Due to weather conditions, if any of our guests fall sick or are not feeling well, we arrange for a local doctor. We know that taking medicine on time is always better than falling sick severely.

  • Local guide

We don’t know much about a place when we are new to it. Therefore, as per the request, we arrange a local guide for our guests to explore every tourist spot of that location and know correct information related to it.

  • Parking

Having our own vehicle on the trip has always proven beneficial as we can explore more without spending much on transport. Therefore we provide free parking spaces in Uttarakhand Guest House to all our guests so they can park their vehicles safely.


Nice and Clean Guest House

Nice and Clean Guest House


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